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Prodigal Voice

Back to the drawing board

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Prodigal Voice

Back to the drawing board

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Kustard helped Prodigal’s team show off their product with a new look and design language. We went through the distinct modules and fixed the design problems to make the product user-friendly. The dashboard was challenging, the team focused on simplifying a data-heavy product.

Our role:
Re-Desiging the web platform

UX Audit

At Kustard we conduct, a user experience audit (UX Audit) for re-design the product. It is a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users and stymieing conversions.

So we conduct UX Audit and found pain-points listed below

  • Data was not represented properly.
  • Lack of consistency in date formatting and large values truncated.
  • Too many data-points and lack of data prioritization.
  • Inconsistence in UI compoments.
  • Visual hierarchy was missing.
  • Data tables and lists were not aligned correctly
ux audit one ux audit two ux audit three

Visual Language

Before we started with the High Fidelity designs, we wanted to build the character of the web application. We came up with 2 variants for the Visual language with different combinations of the brand colors. We also provided 2 options for the typography.

V1 visual-language-first
V2 visual-language-second

UI Design

The Prodigal team wanted a fresh look for their application. We identified the major components across the and redesigned them as per current UI trends.

Old Design
New Design
Old Design
OLD Card Top


Card bottom NEW
OLD data Top


data bottom NEW
OLD graph Top


graph bottom NEW
OLD media Top


media bottom NEW

Home Screen

The home screen is the crux of the entire application. The current version was very cluttered. We dissected the data on the screen and designed a structure which was clean, minimal and easy to use.


Login Screen

The login screen is the entry point for the user to any application. We didn’t want it to look boring and completely revamped to a modern look.


Report Screen

Prodigal Voice is all about analyzing the performance of the support executives using various charts and graphs. Now this volume of data can be overwhelming for a user. We worked on the visual hierarchy of the data points and made it more comprehensive.


Admin Screen

The admin interface was a combination of many complex interactions. After identifying the pain points and simplified the flows.